Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

Joseph Patrick Williams

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b: 2 September 1888, Pocklington, E/Yks
William Craven & Margaret Williams (nee O'Neill)

d.: 11 February 1970, Kirkstall, Leeds (Ag.81)
occ: Sailor - Professional Soldier (3rd West Riding Regiment) [Stationed in India, Burma and the Andaman Islands; Served as a Telegraph Operator in Royal Corps. of Signals in the First World War  - patrolled the Euphrates River, Iraq, in S.S. Bankura
(see pic below)]










(He lost his mother aged 6 and ran away to sea at 13. He had an aptitude for languages and spoke French & Urdu, played the violin and banjo, and enjoyed gardening. He was a keen and accomplished golfer and a long-time member of Middleton Golf Club. He entertained the family with monologues: 'Green Eye of the Little Yellow God', 'Albert & The Horses Head Handle', etc. and had many stories to tell of his colourful past. He suffered for many years from recurring bouts of malaria, a legacy from his years in India. He had an affinity with his Irish roots and sang: 'Phil the Fluter's Ball'; 'The Mountains of Mourne'; 'Rose of Tralee', etc. … And gave blackbird kisses.)

* William Arthur (b. 1890, Hunslet, Leeds, W/Yks)

m: 18 September 1920, Burley Parish Church, Leeds

Lilian (Rosemary) SMITH

Barbara Joan Patricia WILLIAMS (b. 26 April 1921, Batley)
* Geoffrey Hubert Williams (b.1924, Batley, W/Yks)
* Terence Joseph Williams (b.1933, Leeds, W/Yks)




Prime Minister, the Marquis of Salisbury (Tory), establishes free education in elementary schools





Gramophone patented by Emile Berliner





First national radio service in Britain





Prohibition era in the USA—ban on alcoholic liquor exploited by criminals





India gains independence from Great Britain - Pakistan becomes a separate Muslim state after Partition from India