Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

Lilian Smith




First performance at the Empire Theatre, Briggate, Leeds





Anglo-Boer War, South Africa





The “Roaring Twenties”: Female emancipation—bobbed hair, short skirts, working women, jazz bands and dancing the Charleston





Margaret Thatcher (Tory) elected first female prime minister of Britain





The Falklands War -Britain defeats Argentina’s attempt to annex the Falkland Islands



b: 18 October 1898, 25 Thornton St., Leeds                        

bp: 16 November 1898, St Matthias Church, Burley, Leeds
Charles Smith & Harriet Smith (nee Bulmer)

d: 3 September 1991, Bardsey, Yorks (Ag.92)

(Wonderful, powerful, contralto singing voice.

As a young woman she was offered the opportunity

to go to Italy for training as an opera singer but her

 father refused permission. She also had an aptitude

for mental arithmetic. She met Joseph Williams -

recently returned from India - at a dance after

borrowing a florin [2 shillings] for the entrance

charge! She was very proud of her beautiful soft,

milky white skin - a characteristic, together with

thick, wavy, auburn hair, of all the 'Smith/Bulmer

women'. Given the name 'Mamalily' by her first

grandchild, Shaun - after she'd let it be known

that she would not take kindly to being called '

Granny'. And so she was Mamalily thereafter to

all the family. Although a sufferer from arthritis

in her later years, she always had a ready smile,

indomitable spirit and a positive attitude to the

very end of her long life.)

Full Siblings: (All born in Leeds)
* William Dorrien (b. 1900)
* Edith (b.1903)
* Thora (b.1912)
* May (b.1915)

Half Siblings:                                                              

* Elsie Bulmer/Smith (b. 1895, Leeds)

(Children of the 1st marriage of Charles

Smith & Elizabeth Hunter, all born in Leeds)
* George Smith (1885)

* Harry Smith (1889)

* Bertha Smith (1891)

* Horace Smith (1893)

* Harold Smith (1896)

m: 18 September 1920, St Matthais, Burley Parish Church, Leeds, W/Yks


Barbara Joan Patricia WILLIAMS (b. 26 April 1921, Batley, W/Yks)
* Geoffrey Hubert Williams (b.1924, Batley)
* Terence Joseph Williams (b.1933, Leeds, W/Yks)