Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

Charles Smith




Leeds Town Hall opened by Queen Victoria





Opening of the Corn Exchange in Duncan Street, Leeds, designed by Cuthbert Brodrick





Statue of the Black Prince erected in City Square, Leeds





Yorkshire road contractor, Percy Shaw, invented light reflecting studs—’cat’s eyes’ - a boon to night drivers and invaluable during WWII blackouts



b: 16 September 1861, 1 Spring Close, Leeds
George Smith & Margaret Smith (nee Wiseman)

occ: Plumber/journeyman
d: 8 June 1948, Leeds (Ag. 86)
br: 21 June 1948, Armley Cemetery

(Had difficulty remembering the names of his children and would  call out every one before getting to the right one. Reportedly a strict  father but he mellowed with age and his youngest daughter, May, could wind him around her little finger. He lost his first wife, and two infant sons within a two week period. Tidiness wasn't a priority -- and he would urge those who craved tidiness to visit the cemetery where they'd find humanity neatly stacked and in rows. When his daughters were struggling with their knitting he’d say: “Tha's best puller-outers in't Northern Union.” When his daughters were fussing with their appearance he’d snort: “Tha’d stand coal breaking over your heads to be fine!” He was indignant when sliced bread was introduced and snorted: “They'll want it chewing for them next.” He referred to Barbara’s husband, Edward Spencer, by the old fashioned diminutive of “Ned” - to Barbara's amusement and Edward’s chagrin.)

Siblings: (All born in Leeds)
* Reuben (1863); Emma (1865); Annie (1868); Lilly (1870);

Albert (1874); Tom (1877); Ben (1879)

2nd m. 1st August 1903, Leeds Register Office


Children: (All born in Leeds)
* Elsie Bulmer/Smith (b. 1895, Leeds)

* Lilian (Rosemary) SMITH (b.18 Oct 1898, Leeds)
* William Dorrien Smith (b.1900)
* Edith Smith (b.1903)
* Thora Smith (b.1912)
* May Smith (b.1915-1932)

1st m. 6 April 1885, St Peter’s Church, Leeds
Sp: Elizabeth HUNTER (d. 18 Jan 1896, Leeds)

Children: (All born in Leeds)
* George Smith (1885)

* Harry Smith (1889)

* Bertha Smith (1891)

* Horace Smith (1893)

* Harold Smith (1896)