Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

Mary Bulmer




Ten Hours Act: Limiting the labour of women and children in factories to 10 hours a day





First free public library opened in Manchester, Lancashire





Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone





The Statue of Liberty erected in New York Harbour


b. 10 April 1849, 6 Rusby Place, York
John Bulmer & Harriet Bulmer (nee Pallister)

occ: Tailoress/Dressmaker
d: 13 December 1893, Leeds (age 44)

(The second youngest child of a large, established York family, Mary is nevertheless a lady of some mystery. Did she spend some time working as a governess in America and was her  daughter, Harriet, born there? She certainly had brothers who emigrated to the USA and  lived in Brooklyn, New York, where Harriet always understood she was born. There appears to have been a period of family discord at the time of Mary’s death but we can only speculate on events.)

* Harriet (b.1829, Leeds)
* Thomas (b.1830, Dublin, Ireland)
* Elizabeth (b. 1832, Cahir, Ireland)
* Sarah Harriet (b.1834, Derby)
* Mark (b.1836, Canterbury, Kent)
* Ellen (b.1838, Frome, Somerset)
* John (b.1839, York)
* Stephen (b.1840, York)
* William Pallister (b.1842, York)
* Eliza (b.1845, York)
* Emily Amelia (b.1854, York)

1st ? m. (Shrouded in mystery.

abt 1876 in New York?)


Child: Harriet BULMER
(b. 8th October, 1877, Bradford, W/Yks, or Brooklyn, New York, USA)

2nd ?m

(No records, said to be in Salford, Lancs. ? abt. 1880)

Sp: John Henry Batty

Children: (All born in Leeds)
* Rosetta Batty (1880)

* Mary E. Batty (1844)

* Arthur Batty (1886)

* Alice M. Batty (1888)

* George Batty (1890)