Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

John Bulmer

b. 26 February 1807, Hull, East Yorkshire    

bp: 29 March 1807, Providence Chapel, Dagger Lane, Hull, E/Yks    

Parents: John & Elizabeth Bulmer


occ: Professional soldier, 6th Inniskillings Regiment / coachsmith    

d: 9 June 1861, York (age 54)          


(The son of John Bulmer, chair maker & wood turner. In 1821 he was apprenticed to Thos Hauxwell Bradley, coach maker. His postings as a professional soldier can be tracked by the places where his children were born - records are held at the National Archive in Kew. He received the Freedom of the City of York on 20 June 1839)           


Known Sibling:     

* Stephen (b.1813, York - d. 1813, York)      


m: 1st January 1829, St Cuthbert's Church, York         


Sp: Harriet PALLISTER    



* Harriet Bulmer (bp.1829, Leeds)

* Thomas Bulmer (b.1830, Dublin, Ireland)

* Elizabeth Bulmer (b. 1832, Cahir, Ireland)

Sarah Harriet Bulmer (b.1834, Derby)

* Mark Bulmer (b.1836, Canterbury, Kent)

* Ellen Bulmer (b.1838, Frome, Somerset)

* John Bulmer (b.1839, York)

* Stephen Bulmer (b.1840, York)

* William Pallister Bulmer (b.1842, York)

* Eliza Bulmer (b. 1845, York)

* Mary BULMER (b. 10 April 1849, York)

* Emily Amelia Bulmer (b. 1854, York)




Abolition of the Slave Trade; British ships forbidden by law from carrying slaves





Humphrey Boyle of Leeds calculated that £1,0s,3d was: ‘The least possible sum per week for which a man, his wife and three children can obtain a sufficiency of food, clothing and other necessaries’





The first factory to mass produce cigarettes was set up in Cuba. Smoking was a pursuit of the rich until the Crimean War of 1854-6 when British soldiers acquired the habit from Turkish troops