Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

Jeremiah Teale




Vicarial tithes for land in Ossett commuted by the Enclosure Act





The first successful transfusion of blood from one human to another was carried out by Dr James Blundell in London





There was much anger at the incompetence shown by British generals in the Crimean War. This led to a call to end the system by which commissions, and thus promotion, could be purchased in the army. This system was finally abolished in 1871



b: 25 Oct 1803, Ossett Common, West Yorkshire
bp: 2 Dec 1803, Ossett Green Ind. Congregational Chapel, Ossett
Thomas Teale & Ann Teale (nee Goodyear)

d. 18 June 1862, Bank Foot, Batley

(in the home of his son, Frederick)

br. 20 June 1862, All Saints Church, Batley (ag.58)
occ: Clothier

Known Siblings: (b/bp Ossett)
* Sarah (1790)

* Rosana (1792)

* Mary Ann (1796)

* Cornwall (1798)

* Hephzibah ‘Ephsy’ (1801)


m: 4 Jan 1829, All Saints Church, Batley

Sp: Martha PARKER

Known Children: (b/bp Batley)

* Thomas Teale (1829)

* Robert Teale (1832)

* Frederick Teale (1835)

* Lucy Ann TEALE

(b 23 June 1842, Batley)