Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

Mary Witty

St Michael’s Church, Cherry Burton.

Pic: circa 2004


(Left)  Interior of St Michael’s Church

Pic: Colin Hinson/GENUKI





The first  UK census showed that the county of Yorkshire had the greatest population at 858,892





The English ‘imperial’ system of weights and measures was set up by Act of Parliament





The fields of Cherry Burton —previously farmed in strips—were enclosed; changing the landscape and way of life of the inhabitants





The modern safety pin, a reinvention of earlier designs, was patented by Walter Hunt in New York. He settled a $15 debt by transferring the patent rights!



b. abt 1801/ bp: 19 Jan 1802, St Michael’s Church, Cherry Burton
William & Martha Witty

d. Jan.Q 1862, Beverley Reg. District (Cherry Burton)


Siblings: (All b/bp in Cherry Burton)
* Robert (b/bp.1793)
* William (b/bp.1795)
* John (b/bp.1798)
* Henry (b/bp.1800)
* Martha & Jonathan (twins) (b/bp: 1803)
* Hester (b/bp.1804)

m: 2 November 1824, St Michael’s Church, Cherry Burton, East Yorkshire


Known Children : (All b/bp in Cherry Burton, E/Yks)
* Martha Williams (bp.1825)
* George Williams (bp.1826)
Joseph WILLIAMS (b.1828/bp: 5 October 1828)

* Margaret Williams (b. 1830)

* William Williams (b. 1835)
* John & Mary Williams (twins) (bp.1838)
* Mary Jane Williams (b.1840)
* John Williams (b.1843)