Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

John Thomas Bustin

5 St Thomas Gardens, Kentish Town: On 1901 census, John Thomas Bustin and Ethel Ellen Bustin were lodging here in the household of Henry & Mary Higgs (nee Bustin). In 1911 census, John Thomas Bustin was still resident here.

Pic circa 2008




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b: 8 Dec 1854, St Pancras, London
bp: 28 January 1855, Old Church, St Pancras
John Richard Bustin & Ann Bustin (nee Smith)
d: JanQ. 1935, Islington Reg. Dist (age 80)
occ: Stationers Warehouseman
(Spaldings of London)

(* John was very close to his younger sister, Annie Amelia, and her daughter, his niece, Annie Elizabeth Preece knew him as "Uncle Jack". She remembered him as "a gentleman's gentleman". John spent some time in France in the mid 1870s.)

* Additional information kindly supplied by Faye Sutherland of Australia.

Known Siblings: (all born London)
* Sarah Anne (1850); Mary (1852); William Henry (1857); Emily (1860); Annie (1862)

2nd m: 11 August 1885, St Andrews Church, Haverstock Hill, London  


Sp: Annie Maria HUTCHINS







* Annie A. Bustin (b.1885, St Pancras, London)
Ethel Ellen BUSTIN (b. 18 Aug 1887, St Pancras, London)

1st m: 30 Nov 1879, St Andrews Church, Malden Rd, Haverstock Hill, London
Sp: Fanny Eliza Hannah KINGSNORTH
(daughter of Thomas William Kingsnorth, Civil Engineer)
* No issue