b: 26 April 1921, 13 Chapel Fold, Batley, West Yorkshire
Joseph Patrick Williams & Lilian (Rosemary) Williams (nee Smith)

d. 19 March 2002, Airdale Hospital, Ilkley, W/Yks (Ag.80)
occ: Civil Servant, working for the Dept. of Health at the Artificial Limb & Appliance Centre, Leeds


(Keen intelligence & a formidable general knowledge. A damaged

heart (rheumatic fever as a young girl) and chronic back problems

restricted physical activity but she greatly enjoyed reading, knitting, crochet work & crosswords and found personal fulfillment from her work with ALAC, Chapel Allerton Hospital, Leeds, after many years as a full-time wife & mother. An excellent traditional cook and a loving and supportive wife, mother, grandmother and daughter. The desire to fulfill her dearest wish for knowledge of her two grandmothers (both ladies of mystery) was one of the prime motivators for tracing our family tree.

Some of her oft used words of wisdom included: “You can’t put old heads on young shoulders”; “Don’t make a toil of a pleasure”; “Pull the other one—it’s got bells on”; “Don’t forget to dry between your toes”; “You’re a good turn, but you’re on too long!”; “Do you think I came up on the Down Train?”; “It looks like rain in Cherry Blossom Lane”; “There is no substitute for intelligence”; “Worse things happen at sea”; “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” … “I’m lucky in all the ways that really count”.)

* Geoffrey Hubert (b.1924, Batley)
* Terence Joseph (b.1933, Leeds)

m: 24 April 1943, Leeds Registry Office

Sp: Edward Michael SPENCER

* Shaun Michael Spencer
* Shelagh Margaret Spencer
* Stephen Robert Spencer

Barbara Joan Patricia Williams

Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

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Ireland partitioned. Eire becomes independent (1922) and six Ulster counties remain in the United Kingdom





June: The German Army capitulated at Stalingrad—World War Two: 1939-1945





Metric currency introduced in the UK—  £ &  p. replaced £.s.d. (pound, shillings and pence)





April 27:  South Africa’s first democratic election brings the ANC to power under President Nelson Mandela