Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

Frederick Spencer

b. 21 April 1871, Batley Carr, W/Yks

bp.13 February 1889, Holy Trinity Church, Batley Carr (age 18, a chemist)
Page Spencer & Lucy Ann Spencer (nee Teale)

d. 23 August 1926, Leeds
occ: Pharmacist (Chemist & Druggist); Sergeant Dispenser, Royal Army Medical Corps

(Attended Edinburgh University; became a member of the Pharmaceutical Society at age 17. He met Ellen Bustin, his second wife, while he was serving with the RAMC at Bulford Camp, Salisbury Plain; at the time Ellen was working in the large household of a Lieut. Col resident in the district. Frederick was rumoured to be a compulsive gambler.  He succumbed to a lifelong battle with Asthma.)


Siblings: (all born Batley/Batley Carr)
* Charles Robert (1861)

* Susan Parker (1864)

* Edith (1866-1866)

* Lucy (1867)


2nd m. 10 July 1915, Register Office, Southampton, Hampshire


Sp: Ethel Ellen BUSTIN

* James Charles Spencer (b. 14 May 1916, Amesbury, Wiltshire)
Edward Michael SPENCER (b. 26 December 1918, Southampton)
* Eric Evelyn Spencer (b. 27 March 1921, Southampton)
* Kenneth Spencer (b. 29 May 1924, Leeds)

1st m. Mar.Q 1894, Ossett, W/Yks.
Sp: Sophia WILSON (b. abt.1870, Ossett - d. Sept Q. 1907,

Southampton, Hants)


* Charles (b. 1894, Ossett)

* Frederick Page (b. 1896, Dewsbury, W/Yks)

* John Albert (b. 1898, Sculcoates, Hull, E/Yrks)

* Lucy Ann (b.1899, Mexborough, S/Yks)

* Thomas (b. 1901, Manchester, Lancs)

* Eileen (b. 1905, Portsmouth, Hampshire)





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World War One





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