Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

Ethel Ellen Bustin




Jack the Ripper embarks on his notorious killing spree in the Whitechapel area of London





There was no direct sunshine at all recorded in Westminster, London, during December





7th May: “The Lusitania” sunk by German submarine, 1198 lives were lost (WWI)





The National Health Service introduced in Britain by Aneurin Bevan, Minister of Health 


(known as "Ellen")

b: 18 August 1887, 19 Carlton Street, St Pancras, London

bp: 30 October 1887, St Andrew’s Church, Haverstock Hill, London
John Thomas Bustin & Annie Maria Bustin (nee Hutchins)

d: 31 December 1950, 7 Wykbeck Place, Leeds
occ: Lady's maid


(Ellen’s parents separated while she was a little girl: her sister, Annie Amelia, moved with her mother & William Sparks to Rickmansworth, Herts, and Ellen lived with her father in the home of  her aunt & uncle, Henry & Mary Higgs, in London. Ellen went 'into service' at an early age with a wealthy Jewish family, the Abrahams, in Hampstead. She was proud of her Cockney heritage and would dance a spirited “Knees up Mother Brown” at family parties. She had navy blue eyes and, according to Mamalily: “If she had a glass of stout & a bar of Fry's chocolate cream she thought she had the world.”)

Annie Amelia Bustin (b. 1885, St. Pancras, London)

m: 10 July 1915, Register Office, Southampton, Hampshire

Sp: Frederick SPENCER

* James Charles Spencer (b. 14 May 1916, Amesbury, Wilts)
Edward Michael SPENCER (b. 26 Dec 1918, Southampton)
* Eric Evelyn Spencer (b. 27 March 1921, Southampton)
* Kenneth Spencer (b. 29 May 1924, Leeds)