Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

Annie Maria Hutchins

b: MarQ 1868, Kentish Town, London
Thomas Hutchins & Ellen Hutchins (nee Castle)

d: April Q. 1941, Hendon, Middlesex (ag. 73 as Annie M Huxstep)

Known Siblings: (all born Kentish Town, London)
* Arthur G (1870); Joseph Castle (1872); Thomas J (1874)

1st m: 11 August 1885, St Andrews Church, Haverstock Hill, London


Sp: John Thomas BUSTIN




* Annie A Bustin (b. 1886, St Pancras, London)
Ethel Ellen BUSTIN (b. 11 Aug 1888, St Pancras, London)

2nd m? < 1901>
Sp: William Sparks
(occ: Plumber, b. 1867, Plaistow, Essex)

3rd m: 15 July 1913, The Register Office, St Pancras, London

Sp: Thomas George Huxstep (occ: Baker and pastry cook, b. 1888, Lambeth, London)




Last public execution held in Britain (Michael Barrett)





The meridian though Greenwich, London was selected as the Prime Meridian and given the designation 00





The Titanic sinks on her maiden voyage





King Edward VIII reigns briefly before Abdicating in order to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson, a divorcee