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Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer




William IV on the throne; and Earl Grey (Whig) is Prime Minister (1830-1834)





The population of Beverley, East Yorkshire had reached 7400





Population of Batley was 14,173





The paperclip was invented by Johann Vaaler of Norway and patented by him in Germany



b: 1831, Eastgate, Beverley, E/Yks
bp: 22 Aug 1831, St John & St Martin (Beverley Minster), Beverley          

Parents: Mark Spencer & Ann Spencer (nee Hardy

d: 13 December 1903, Batley, W/Yks
occ: Architect, Land Surveyor & Civil Engineer

(Archive material relating to the work of Page

Spencer can be found at the East Yorkshire Archive, at the National Archive, and he is listed in Batley Trade Directories and in the Directory of British Architects, 1868-1886.)


Siblings: (all born Beverley)
* Elizabeth (1830)
* Marianne (1835)
* Emma (1836)

m: 26 May 1860, All Saints Church, Batley, W/Yks

Sp: Lucy Ann TEALE





Children: (all born Batley/Batley Carr)
* Charles Robert Spencer (1861)
* Susan Parker Spencer (1864)

* Edith Spencer (1866-1866)
* Lucy Spencer (1867)
* Frederick SPENCER

(b. 21 April 1871, Batley Carr)