Spencer Family Tree of Ted & Barbara Spencer

Ann Smith

b: 26 Feb 1828, Corfu, Greece
bp: 6 April 1828, Corfu, Greece

Parents: Nehemiah Smith & Sarah Smith (nee Thomas)


Note 1: At the time of Ann's birth her father was a Private

in the British Army stationed in Corfu, Greece
Note 2: 1815 -- Treaty of Paris placed Corfu & the other

Ionian Islands under the protection of Gr. Britain. In 1864

Gr. Britain ceded control to the Kingdom of Greece


d. 28 Jan 1912, 44 Marsden St, Kentish Town


Known Siblings: (all b St Pancras, London)
* John (1830)

* Mary (1832)

* Nehemiah (1837)

* Thomas (1840)


m: 11 February 1850, Old Church, St Pancras, London


Sp: John Richard BUSTIN







Children: (all b/bp London)
* Sarah Anne Bustin (1850)
* Mary Bustin (1852)
John Thomas BUSTIN

(b/bp: 1854, St Pancras)
* William Henry Bustin (1857)
* Emily Bustin (abt 1860)
* Annie Amelia Bustin (abt 1862)

Old Church St Pancras. Pic circa 2004




Duke of Wellington (Tory) is Prime Minister





Britainís first uniformed police force (Metropolitan) introduced by Sir Robert Peel (bobbies)





2 Feb, First menís public toilet opened in Fleet Street, London. On 11 Feb, the first womenís public toilet opened in Bedford Street, London





Statue of Eros erected in Piccadilly Circus, London, in recognition of Lord Shaftesburyís work for the protection of exploited children